Family History and Memory Books

Do you have photos stored in boxes in your loft that no-one ever sees?

Pictures of loved ones, family memories lost in paperwork, or family stories never told?

Family History or Memory Books can make wonderful gifts on a special occasion or just keep your family history all together in one place, telling your story. The books can be viewed time and time again for generations to come, whilst the original documents, photos, treasured items can be stored safely.

Books can include, a family tree (we can help with this too), old photographs, documents, letters from loved ones, diary entries, pictures of precious items, war medals for example, whatever you would like.

How about memories from times gone by, Grandparents love telling stories of their childhood . Capture all of these memories before they are lost.

Mark (my husband and I) can organise a courier to keep your photographs safe or collect them in person from you if possible, or we can provide a mobile scanning/photography service, so that photographs do not have to leave your own home and we can take pictures of objects that you want to include, also in the safety of your own home.

Photographs that are torn or fading fast can be digitally restored in a sensitive way so that the charm of the original photograph is not destoyed.

Or we can create a book of pictures capturing the life of a special person or couple as a gift for an anniversay or birthday




































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